A Heartstar® is an illuminated Christmas-Star with many exceptional details. The star is available in two versions: with either white or rust-coloured surface.
Option 1: Christmas star made of white sheet-steel with white powder coating. The lacquer is robust, scratch and impact resistant with the additional advantage of the white colour reflecting the light of the star particularly well.

Option 2: For those who like it a bit more stylish, the star is available with rust-coloured surface, also made of sheet-steel, with rust-powdwer-coating being used as a deliberate means of style.

With its impressive diameter of 76 centimeters the heartstars Christmas star is a striking eye-catcher. At its thickest point it is 15 centimeters deep, it weighs 5.5 kg and can be hung up. The Christmas star is delivered completely assembled. It is made in Germany, by hand in fact. That is why only a limited number of pieces per year is available. The led light bulb is included, as well as the remote control, by which the star cannot only be switched on and off, but also the colour of the lighting can be selected.

All these features make the heartstar a very high quality product for either indoor or outdoor. Due to the means of colour selection the illuminated star does not only suit to any ambience, but moreover it is possible to create various moods. Because of its clear shape the star appears very noble, and despite its imposing size it does not seem obtrusive but rather restrained and tasteful.

By the purchase of a heartstars Xmas star projects that support children are supported, making the star a very special companion during the Advent and Christmas season, as for each star sold we donate 20 Euros to child relief organizations annually varying.